Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day By Day

  I just can't seem to get my emotions on track.  It's 6 months outta surgery and 7 weeks since my last chemo treatment. I feel so overwhelmed at times with all of this.  I try to stay as busy as possible just so that I don't think about it.  I have those days where I am just mad at the world...and other days just so thankful to still be alive.

I recently found out my first diagnosis was a Stage 1B.  Why were there no scans done at this time?? Is that the normal procedure??  Did someone drop the ball???  Looking back on this, I know I didn't really understand the seriousness of this diagnosis.  I went every 6 months for a body check but no scans were EVER done. I just thought we got rid of it and I'd never have to deal with this again.  WRONG!!!!  Here I am 5 years later
Stage 3B.  I just can't seem to be at peace with this...can anyone help???

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